Welcome to the NEW Mark Gungor Show! Same crazy fun and great no-nonsense advice that you are used to, but now new co-host, Diane Brierley and new producer, Ross Skorzewski join in the insanity of the program.

Today’s show starts of with an article about Secrets Men Wish Women Knew.

Mark answers an email from a guy wondering if there is a pattern in why people won’t fight for their relationships. A listener wants advice on dating after divorce,  and another wants to know why men won’t “woo” women these days. Listen to how Mark answers the question: Is “everything but intercourse” ok?


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3 Responses to “12-01-2010”

  1. rosaana says:

    Mark, my friend, you are a nut!! What a blessing it is for you to have that type of relationship w/your son-in-law!! Thank you for all your wackiness & wisdom! My life is truely better because of you!! PS…LOVE THE NEW SET UP! (I miss Debbie & Mrs. Wheeeeeeeler though!)

  2. Robin Mendoza says:

    Love the new format, I wish we could have listened with the chatroom, but hopefully tomorrow will be better. I was actually laughing out loud at work. thanks for all that you do and for staying online!!!

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